Ease tooth pain with gentle precise root canal treatment

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Ease tooth pain with gentle precise root canal treatment

Root Canal, FL

Root canal therapy may be the only way to “save” a badly decayed or otherwise severely damaged tooth. Root canals in Lakewood Ranch, FL also live up to the name of Dr. Allison Konick’s practice: Kind Smiles Dental Health. She uses modern digital technology and other techniques that facilitate utmost safety, comfort, efficiency, and precision treatment for successful outcomes.

Root canal treatment

This therapy is like a “deep clean” for the inside of your tooth. Dr. Konick uses Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to identify damage to the pulp at the center of the tooth. Radiation exposure associated with CBCT is up to 10 times less than exposure incurred from traditional x-rays. Images of the teeth, jaws, neck, ears, nose, and throat are captured from different angles using a cone-shaped x-ray beam. These high-quality images inform Dr. Konick’s diagnosis. She may accurately detect that deep inflammation or infection is present within the innermost chamber of the tooth. Bacteria may enter the pulp tissue due to progressive decay, gum disease, old or worn crowns, cracks, and other trauma where they multiply, inflame, and infect the inner tooth structure.

You may experience symptoms such as severe pain when biting down on foods, prolonged sensitivity after eating or drinking hot and cold foods, or swelling of the gums and face. We can resolve pain and other symptoms quickly with root canal therapy.

What to expect

Dr. Konick’s modern diagnostics help to accurately detect infections and to precisely plan root canal treatment. She starts by numbing the affected tooth. So, you won’t feel anything. She then accesses the damaged tooth. The infected tissue is removed with advanced instruments that support gentle, fast, and precision treatment. The root canals that contain the pulp and extend, branchlike, from the crown to the roots in the jawbone, are sterilized and shaped. As the finishing touch, the roots are sealed off with gutta-percha filling material to prevent reinfection. Root canal treatment is typically followed by restorative treatment – the placement of a lovely crown. 

We work closely with patients to prevent the need for root canal therapy in the first place. But, should problems arise, you and others in and around Bradenton, Sarasota, Parrish, Palmetto, and Venice have peace of mind that pain can be relieved quickly. You will also be well on your way to retrieving your brilliantly beautiful and healthy smile, too. Contact Kind Smiles Dental Health today to schedule your appointment.