Preserve natural teeth with dental crowns and fill gaps with bridges in Lakewood Ranch, FL

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Preserve natural teeth with dental crowns and fill gaps with bridges in Lakewood Ranch, FL

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Led by Dr. Allison Konick, Kind Smiles Dental Health works closely with our patients to prevent the need for major restorative treatments. Restorations and tooth replacement options such as dental crowns and bridges in Lakewood Ranch, FL, repair tooth decay and gum disease. If decay or disease cannot be resolved with modifications to oral hygiene or more conservative treatments, such as dental fillings and inlays, crowns and bridges preserve the health, functionality, and beauty of your smile.

Dental crowns

After evaluating your mouth, Dr. Konick may determine that the damage to your tooth is too extensive to be resolved with a filling, dental inlay, or dental onlay (partial crown). A full-coverage crown planned, prepared, and placed by Kind Smiles Dental Health,rebuilds the damaged portion of the tooth seen above the gumline- the natural crown. Aesthetic and durable dental materials are used to replicate decayed or otherwise irreparable tooth structure. We look forward, to discussing your options, for instance, dental porcelain closely mimics the appearance of natural tooth enamel. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for visible teeth in your “smile zone.”

To accommodate the new crown the natural tooth structure must be “prepared.” All damaged areas are removed, and the tooth is shaped to “accept” the crown. An impression or mold of the tooth and surrounding teeth is taken, and a temporary crown is placed to protect the prepared site while the permanent crown is being made. Once your crown is complete, you will return to our office. So, the temporary restoration can be removed, and the permanent crown is placed. We will make slight adjustments (as needed) and cement or “fix” the crown to the tooth.

Dental bridges

Crowns are also required to create this form of tooth replacement. Not all decayed or damaged teeth can be “saved” with root canal therapy and a crown. In these cases, a dental bridge may be recommended to replace the extracted tooth. The bridge is made of at least one replacement tooth, or pontic, and neighboring teeth or abutments. The pontic is held in place by abutment teeth. To provide adequate support to the pontic, these abutments are crowned. The pontic and crowns are attached and cemented to abutment teeth, which are prepared or reduced to make room for each crown. Once cemented, the pontic fills in the gap and is “fixed” in place by the abutments. Alternative types of tooth replacement, such as partial dentures, are removable and require special cleaning techniques and products. Bridges may also be supported, with dental implants placed in the jaw. Kind Smiles Dental Health looks forward to discussing options to restore your one-of-a-kind smile! We welcome patients in and around Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto, Parrish, and Venice to our Lakewood Ranch, FL office.