Precise, Gentle Tooth Extractions in Lakewood Ranch, FL relieve pain, restore health

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Precise, Gentle Tooth Extractions in Lakewood Ranch, FL relieve pain, restore health

Dentist performing Dental extraction proceedure

We work with patients to prevent the conditions that lead to the need for tooth extractions. However, should you need tooth extractions in Lakewood Ranch FL, there is nothing to fear at Kind Smiles Dental Health! We treat your smile kindly. A stress-free experience starts with precision planning by Dr. Allison Konick.

Advanced diagnostics

Technologies such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) render clear, 2D or 3D panoramic images to aid in identifying conditions that otherwise might go unnoticed. For instance, the last teeth to erupt in your mouth may not have enough room to break through the gums properly. These teeth, which are known as third molars or “wisdom teeth” due to their emerging in young adulthood, may become partially or fully impacted underneath the gums. “Impaction” refers to their getting “stuck” underneath the tissue. As they continue to try to erupt through the gums, the pressure may result in intense pain. Impacted wisdom teeth can also damage neighboring teeth by pressing up against them.

Dr. Konick monitors the development of wisdom teeth during regular oral exams. If teeth are not developing normally, she may suggest extraction. This approach is proactive, it prevents symptoms such as debilitating pain that can interfere with your work, school, sleep, and ability to eat comfortably. Proactive extractions also prevent damage to surrounding teeth and other oral structures.

During an examination, Dr. Konick may also detect deep decay. If damage to the inner structure of the tooth cannot be resolved with root canal therapy, or other restorative measures, the affected tooth would require extraction. Natural teeth can generally be preserved when tooth decay is identified and resolved in its earlier stages.

Gentle care

The actual process of extracting a tooth is straightforward. We will discuss options to keep you at your most comfortable before, during, and after treatment. These options may include medications that calm. With today’s anesthetic options, you will not feel anything. The tooth itself is accessed and, if most or all of the tooth is visible above the gumline, Dr. Konick can gently loosen and remove it from the socket. Other techniques are employed to remove a tooth that cannot be seen above the gumline. All extractions are performed with a light yet precise touch.

We also encourage you to replace teeth promptly following extractions. Replacement teeth, including dental bridges, dental implants, and dentures, preserve healthy function, and prevent destructive bone loss.

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